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Are you a veteran looking for your next adventure?

Boots2Roots’ mission is to help active-duty military veterans and spouses transition to meaningful work in the beautiful state of Maine. We do that through FREE:

Resume Coaching

Interview Training

Interview Coaching

Connecting You with Maine Employers and Communities

Connecting You with Maine Employers and Communities

There is no cost for our services- we want the best outcomes for veterans and for Maine employers.

How it Works:

Boots2Roots’services are personalized and we work directly with you to set you up for success in Maine. No politics, no bureaucracy, no charge…just folks who have been there, done that and are dedicated to a successful transition to Maine for you and your family.

Your Task:

If you are active duty military (U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) and you are planning to separate or retire to Maine in the next 12 months, just fill out the contact form and we’ll set up an initial call.

Our Goal:

You and/or your spouse are hired or enrolled in school, or apprenticeship, etc., within 2 months of coming to Maine.

Fill out the form below and we’ll set up an initial call

Why Maine?

  • 60% of Boots2Roots Teammates and their spouses are not originally from Maine, and the number one reason that Teammates say they want to put down roots in Maine is quality of life.

  • Maine’s famous coastline spans around 228 miles long

  • Maine is home to over 3,100 off-shore islands

 “Boots2Roots provided the peace of mind that my family and I needed to be able to make the decision to come home…and three days after I got to Maine I had an interview.”

– US Marine Corps Sergeant

Boots2Roots’ Commitment to You:

We will help you prepare for a successful transition to Maine, including:

  • Self-assessment materials & feedback
  • Resume, cover letter, & interview preparation (we work together to ensure high-quality tailored products)
  • Networking (connecting you with trusted professional contacts and companies)
  • Peer mentoring (by recently separated/retired military Mainers who will help you connect)
  • Community contact referrals (“warm” hand-offs to contacts we know & trust in your new community)
  • Like military service, transition and community integration is a family affair and Boots2Roots is committed to working with you and your spouse.

We call you Teammates, not clients, because it is a team effort to make your transition to Maine a success!

Veteran Support:

Besides a beautiful state with a great quality of life, Maine has an extensive and very collaborative network of veterans and veterans support organizations.

Maine Military & Community Network
Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services

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